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Let's get real.

  • What's your mission?
    Our mission is to make cheese from plants that’s indistinguishable from cheese that comes from animals.
  • What is Lovely Cheese?
    Lovely Cheese is cheese. It’s the cheese you’ve been eating for years. It’s not nut cheese. It’s not soy cheese. It’s cheese made from the same proteins found in cow’s milk, but produced in plants rather than in a cow.
  • Is it vegan?
    Yes it’s vegan. Lovely Cheese contains no animal product. It simply copies the genetic sequence of cow’s milk.
  • Why hasn't this been done before?
    Technological improvements in genetic engineering have made it possible for us to recreate the tastes and textures of foods that we weren’t able to reproduce before. Awareness coupled with technology has the ability to change our world for good.
  • Can I buy Lovely Cheese today?
    Not yet. We're making good progress and recently created our first non-fat mozzarella cheese in the lab. We're optimistic that within 36 months you'll be able to buy Lovely Cheese at any supermarket and enjoy it on your favorite pizzas, burgers, tacos and more at leading restaurants across the country. Sign up for email to be notified with news from Lovely Cheese.
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